Bachelor of Science in Gerontology

Bachelor of Science in Gerontology

This is a two-year full-time credit-based articulated Honours programme which on completion leads to the award of a Bachelor of Science in Gerontology degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Programme Description
This programme, funded by the University Grants Committee, is designed in response to the expanding ageing population and the associated manpower shortage in aged  care services in Hong Kong. The programme provides students possessing an associate degree or a higher diploma in health sciences, social sciences, psychology and counseling, human and life sciences, Chinese medicine, or other fields with a strong foundation in gerontology. Through this programme, students will be equipped with a full scope of knowledge and skills in planning, delivering and coordinating aged care services in a wide variety of  health and social care settings. 

Special Features
Strong theoretical and practical components in gerontology covering  health and social care needs of older people, aged care service planning, innovative care delivery models, human service delivery and administration, and health and social policies in ageing.
Multi-disciplinary academic and professional teaching team with expertise in nursing, social work, human psychology, human sociology, clinical geriatrics and gerontology, human service management and administration.
A gerontological practicum in community care, rehabilitative care and residential care to enable students to transform theoretical knowledge into practice.

Mode of Study
Full-time: 2 years

Admission Requirements
Applicants shall be eligible to apply for admission if they:
1) have successfully completed a local course of study leading to the qualification of an associate degree / higher diploma; and
2)  have attained an acceptable level of proficiency in English and Chinese languages.*
*Refer to the University's admission requirements for sub-degree holders for details.

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