Bachelor of Science in Community Health Practice

Bachelor of Science in Community Health Practice

(Special 2-year programme for articulation by sub-degree graduates)

The two-year, full-time Bachelor of Science in Community Health Practice articulation programme has been designed in response to the increase in non-communicable diseases, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and increased societal recognition of the importance of community-based care. It fulfils demand for a workforce with public health skills and knowledge of community health promotion practice.

The success of community-based care requires a quality community health education and health promotion programme. This programme provides training to those who wish to become community health practitioners (CHPs), those who hope to reduce health and social care costs by preventing health problems, promoting healthy lifestyles, improving compliance with medical advice, enhancing self-care and self-management skills, and facilitating access to appropriate health and social services. One of the most important tasks of a CHP is to equip individuals and families with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed choices for their health within the context of their life and work settings. The health of individuals, families and the community is a reflection of our physical, psychological, social, spiritual and intellectual states, as determined by the socio-political, economic and cultural environment in which we live. This ecological perspective on health strongly emphasises the interaction between the physical and socio-cultural environment. The entry point for health promotion is identification of the multiple levels of influence on health behaviour and how such behaviour is shaped by the environment.

Expected Learning Outcomes
The Programme aims at equipping graduates with the knowledge, skills and competencies to apply health theories, which are essential for the effective implementation of community health programmes. The curriculum is geared towards a broader perspective on community health practice. Teaching is linked to the core competencies of CHPs, with reference to the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, U.S.A. and the Galway Consensus Conference Statement on health promotion and health education in 2007.

Admission Requirements
Applicants shall be eligible to apply for admission if they:
1. have successfully completed a course of study (health or social science-related discipline
preferred) leading to the qualification of associate degree / higher diploma; and
2. have attained an acceptable level of proficiency in the English and Chinese languages.*
* Refer to the University’s admission requirements for sub-degree holders for details.

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