Chan Sun On


Professor CHAN Sun On, Hector

Education - Assistant Dean

Professor and Associate Director (Undergraduate Education), School of Biomedical Sciences
Associate Head and Dean of General Education, New Asia College

Education - Assistant Dean

Professor CHAN Sun On, Hector

School of Biomedical Sciences

Contact Information
Office : (852) 3943-6898
Email :

School / Department / Institute / Centre / Unit
School of Biomedical Sciences

Anatomy, Neuroscience, Developmental Biology

BSc, MPhil, CUHK
DPhil, University of Oxford

Research Interests
Axon growth and pathfinding; protection of the eye in degenerative and inflammatory diseases

Additional information
Associate Director (Undergraduate Education), School of Biomedical Sciences
Associate Head and Dean of General Education, New Asia College
Vice Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2012, CUHK
Master Teacher Award 2003, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
Teacher of The Year Awards (2000-01, 2003-05, 2008-12), Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
Coordinator, Dissecting Laboratory and Body Donation Programme
Selected Publications
  1. Wang L, Yu C, Wang J, Leung P, Ma D, Zhao H, Taylor JSH, Chan SO (2017) Nogo-B is the major form of Nogo at the floor plate and likely mediates crossing of commissural axons in the mouse spinal cord. Journal of Comparative Neurology 525:2915-2928.
  2. Chu WK, Law KS, Chan SO, Yam JCSY, Chen LJ, Zhang H, Cheung HS, Block NL, Schally AV, Pang CP (2016) Antagonists of growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor induce apoptosis specifically in retinoblastoma cells. Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA, 113(50):14396-14401.
  3. Yang YP, Qin YJ, Yip YWY, Chan KP, Chu KO, Chu WK, Ng TK, Pang CP, Chan SO (2016) Green tea catechins are potent anti-oxidants that ameliorate sodium iodate-induced retinal degeneration in rats. Scientific Reports, 6:29546, doi:10.1038/srep29546.
  4. Qin YJ, Chan SO, Chong KKL, Li BFL, Ng TK, Yip YWY, Chen H, Zhang M, Block NL, Cheung HS, Schally AV, Pang CP (2014) Antagonist of GH-releasing hormone receptors alleviates experimental ocular inflammation. Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA 111:18303-18308.
  5. Yang Y, Ng TK, Ye C, Yip YWY, Law KS, Chan SO, Pang CP (2014). Assessing sodium iodate induced outer retinal changes in rats using confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and optical coherence tomography. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 55:1696-1705.
  6. Wang J, Chan CK, Taylor JSH, Chan SO (2008) The growth inhibitory protein Nogo is involved in midline routing of axons in the mouse optic chiasm. Journal of Neuroscience Research 86:2581-2590.
  7. Leung KM, Taylor JSH, Chan SO (2003) Enzymatic removal of chondroitin sulfates abolishes the age-related axon order in the optic tract of mouse embryos. European Journal of Neuroscience 17:1755-1767.
  8. Chung KY, Taylor JSH, Shum DKY, Chan SO (2000) Axon routing at the optic chiasm after enzymatic removal of chondroitin sulfate in mouse embryos. Development 127:2673-2683.
  9. Chung KY, Shum DKY, Chan SO (2000) Expression of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans in the chiasm of mouse embryos. Journal of Comparative Neurology 417:153-163.
  10. Chan SO, Guillery RW (1993) Developmental changes produced in the retinofugal pathways of rats and ferrets by early monocular enucleations: The effects of age and the differences between normal and albino animals. Journal of Neuroscience 13:5277-5293.
  1. Chairman, Preclinical Education Committee, overseeing the teaching and assessments in Medical Year 1 to Year 3.
  2. Associate Director of School of Biomedical Sciences, responsible for overseeing all undergraduate teaching in the School, which include courses in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Chinese Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and General Education.
  3. Year 3 Coordinator, responsible for the management of Year 3 medical courses, examinations, and monitoring results and feedback from teachers and students for curriculum improvement.
  4. Contribute to teaching of Human Structure and Neuroscience courses.