Leading Research Teams and Laboratories


The Faculty has a proven track record in internationally leading cutting-edge medical research. We are forward-looking and determined to improve human health through medical innovations. We devote resources, nurture researchers and train postgraduate research students with an aim to reaching new heights in medical and health science research.

Our research activities are directed towards improving health, developing and delivering better health care, unveiling the bases of diseases, and developing novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches. The Faculty's research activities can be broadly categorised into the following three main areas.

Clinical Research
Research activities that are conducted in a clinical environment to investigate the efficacy of novel therapeutics, disease assessment and management modalities, and healthcare delivery protocols

Translational Research
Research activities that bridge clinical and basic research to translate promising scientific and technological findings into clinical applications

Basic Research
Research activities that are aimed at understanding the structure and function of biological molecules, exploring genes and genomes, studying cells and bodily systems, investigating pathogens and the mechanisms of diseases, and researching the effects of drugs and chemicals