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CU Medical Alumni Platform (CU MAP)

CU Medical Alumni Platform (CU MAP)



A Social Media Platform Designed Exclusively for Our MBChB Alumni 
Forging A Life-long Fraternity & Network



CU MAP requires prior registration and runs on a membership system similar to that of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc

*The Android and iOS APP version coming soon.



CU MAP encompasses many key functions, such as searching, private messaging (PM), wall posts, building a customised profile, to enable individual alumnus or alumna to connect with each other, build network beyond their social circle and be known amongst peers, collaborate and lend a helping hand to the CUHK medical family.

Click to watch our training videos to get to know more.



1. Ask specific people with that specific experience
  • Searching
  • Adding Friends
  • PM (Private Message)


2. Let alumni know about your event
  • Wall Posts
  • Hashtags
  • Filters


3. Bring great minds together
  • Finding Friends
  • Wall Posts
  • PM (Private Message)


4. Get to know and be known amongst peers
  • Building a Personal Profile
  • Adding Photos
  • Adding Name Card
  • Setting Privacy




Connect with years of MBChB alumni by signing up!


Watch the video and follow our instructions to get started.


Once you sign up for an account, you can experience the unique features of CU MAP!


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