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Home Care Guidelines


(2019冠狀病毒病 / COVID-19)






These guidelines target suspected patients with mild symptoms or in home care quarantine. Suspected patients with chronic illnesses or fever should seek medical help immediately. 


Tips 1

若條件許可,建議將患者安置於通風良好(打開窗戶)的獨立房間,謝絕任何訪客。 患者應盡量佩戴外科口罩

If possible, place the patient in a well-ventilated (windows kept open) single room. No visitors are allowed. The patient should wear a surgical mask as far as possible. 


Tips 2

其他家庭成員應住在另一房間。如空間條件所限,則應與患者分床並保持至少 1米距離。

Other household members should stay in a different room. If a separate room is not available, do not share the same bed with the patient and keep a distance of at least 1 metre


Tips 3

限制患者活動範圍,並確保共用空間 (如廚房丶 浴室) 通風良好

Limit the use of shared spaces (e.g. kitchen, bathroom) by the patient and ensure these spaces are well ventilated

Tips 4


Designate a household member without chronic illness to be the main caregiver. When staying in the same room with the patient, wear a surgical mask to cover the nose and mouth completely. Avoid touching the mask during or after use. If the mask becomes wet or stained with secretions, replace it immediately. Dispose of the mask properly after use. 

Tips 5


Wash hands frequently with water and soap for at least 20 seconds and dry hands with disposable paper towels
, especially after coming into contact with the patient or his/her surroundings, before and after preparing meals, before meals, and after using the toilet.

Tips 6

避免體液接觸,包括口腔、呼吸道分泌物及糞便。如要為患者清理口腔丶呼吸道和排洩物,需要戴上一次性手套和口罩, 在脫下口罩及手套前和後需要洗手, 並把手套 丶 口罩和其它廢物扔到有蓋垃圾桶。

Avoid direct contact with body fluids, including oral or respiratory secretions and stool. Use disposable gloves and a mask when providing oral or respiratory care and handling stool, urine, and other excreta. Wash hands before and after removing gloves and the mask, and dispose of the waste in a rubbish bin with cover. 

Tips 7


Avoid dining together or sharing tableware, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, or bed linen with the patient. 

Tips 8

每日使用 1:99稀釋漂白水徹底清潔家居環境丶浴室丶廁所和經常接觸的物品表面。

Use 1:99 diluted bleach solution to clean the household environment, bathrooms, toilets and the frequently touched surfaces daily. 

Tips 9

可使用普通洗衣皂 (液) 清洗患者餐具丶 衣物丶毛巾及床單。若條件許可,衣物丶毛巾及床單應以攝氏60-90度水溫機洗, 並充分烘乾。

Use regular laundry soap (liquid) to wash the patient's tableware, clothes, towels and bed linen. If conditions permit, machine wash at 60-90°C and dry thoroughly.

Tips 10


As all household members are considered at-risk individuals, they should monitor their own body temperature and health status daily. 

Tips 11


If a household member develops fever or acute respiratory infection symptoms, including cough, sore throat, and difficulty in breathing, seek medical help immediately and inform medical staff of the details of their close contact. Wear a surgical mask and avoid public transportation en route to medical facilities. 

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  2. China CDC, Guideline for self-quarantine at home  



  • This guideline has integrated recommendations in the references. Individuals may check out the original references for further details. (Update: 18 March 2020)