Continuing Medical Education Programmes

Continuing Medical Education Programme

The Faculty has been accredited by the Medical Council of Hong Kong to offer a continuing medical education (CME) programme to practising doctors who have not taken the CME programme for specialists. We have been accredited as an official CME programme provider since October 2001. With immediate effect, all CME programmes for events organised by our Faculty will be accepted by the Medical Council as accredited CME activities.

The Faculty has a long history of offering various specialist CME programmes via the various colleges of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine with the participation of our teaching staff. In addition, many members of our teaching staff are actively involved in the specialist and non-specialist CME programmes organised by other professional organisations and institutions. The CME programme format comprises lectures, small group tutorials and grand rounds to allow for more intimate discussions and exchanges between participants and tutors.

Regular updates on the various CME activities we offer are available at .