Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

At the vanguard of public health education, the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Faculty of Medicine has designed the first public health undergraduate programme in Hong Kong, Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc in Public Health). It provides students who have an interest in public health with valuable insight into population health issues. Concepts students can expect to grasp include the social determinants of health, environmental impact on health, healthy lifestyles, public health law and ethics, biostatistics and epidemiology fundamentals, emergency preparedness and disaster response, infectious diseases, and health services reform. This programme is benchmarked against world-class universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Programme Characteristics
Experiential Learning
- Induction Programme – Visits to government sectors, non-governmental organizations and private sectors in the field of public health
- Research and Practice Based Project – At least 100 hours of field work + a research project based on the chosen field of interest
Mentorship Scheme – Establish network and career development
Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) – Students with outstanding academic performance help the others to reinforce key concepts

Mode of Study
Full-time: 4 years
Subject to the previous qualification obtained, students may be considered for admission with Advanced Standing. For details, please visit

Admission Requirements
The minimum eligibility requirements to apply to the Bachelor of Science in Public Health programme are as follows:
No. of Subjects
Subject Minimum Level
4 Core Subjects Chinese Language 3
English Language 3
Mathematics 2
Liberal Studies 2
2 Elective Subjects Any 2 elective subjects. Mathematics (Extended Part) Module I or Module II can be one of the elective subjects 3

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