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Event Highlights

Event Highlights
Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony (2016-2020)

Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony (2016-2020)

The Master's Degree Graduation Ceremony is held every year to celebrate the graduation of students from the Faculty of Medicine and to mark a new chapter in their careers in the healthcare sector.

The hall is full to capacity with joyful graduates, their families and friends, and the Faculty members who have helped the graduates to achieve such high standards in academia and research.

The graduates have been eagerly awaiting this moment since their successful enrolment on the Master's degree programme years before.

We hope the knowledge the graduates have acquired from CUHK will lead them to high levels of achievement in their future careers, and encourages them to achieve a far-reaching influence on their profession.

At the same time, the Faculty commends its staff for their contribution in creating new graduates to serve the healthcare sector with professionalism and knowledge.




Congratulatory video for Master’s graduates from Class of 2020
The 88th Congregation for the Conferment of Master’s Degrees for the Faculty of Medicine (virtual) was held on 21 November 2020. To celebrate the academic achievements of Class of 2020, a congratulatory video is specially made for our Master’s graduates. Wishing you all the best and have a bright future!