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Professor CHAU Pak Chun, Janita

Professor CHAU Pak Chun, Janita

Assistant Dean (Alumni Affairs)

Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing

CUHK Employment
  • Assistant Dean (Alumni Affairs), Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing


Education & Qualifications

RN, BN(Hons), MPhil(CUHK), PhD


Research Interests
  • Evidence-based nursing practice
  • Teaching and learning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Infection control
  • Health informatics
  • Promotion of public health
  • Stroke rehabilitation

Additional Information


Award & Honour

  • Vice-Chancellor Exemplary Teaching Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2009
  • Master Teacher Award, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2003
  • Teacher of the Year Awards, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1999-2003; 2010-2013; 2015-2016


Academic Engagement in CUHK

  • Programme Director, Master of Nursing Science (Pre-registration) Programme
Selected Publications


  1. Minshall C, Pascoe M, Thompson D, Castle D, McCabe M, Chau JPC,… Ski C. (2019).  Psychosocial interventions for stroke survivors, carers and survivor-carer dyads: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, Jun 30:1-1 doi: 10.1080/10749357.2019.1625173.
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