Press Releases

Celebratory Events

23 June
Gene Mapping of Eye Diseases: Concepts and Technologies
by Professor Paul Nigel Baird
22 June
Grand round: Academic and Professional Program “Clinical Implications of AMD Genes”  
by Professor Paul Nigel Baird
21 June
Roles of Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Vascular Repair and Hepatocarcinoma Intrahepatic Metastasis  
by Dr. Chiu Jeng-Jiann
21 June
Update on Keratoconus International Consortium
by Professor Paul Nigel Baird
21 June
The Mechanism and Regulation of Autophagy
by Professor Daniel Klionsky
21 June
How Can We Better Manage Multimorbidity and Polypharmacy?
by Professor Bruce Guthrie
20 June
Identification of Eye Disease Genes
by Professor Paul Nigel Baird 
20 June
Improving Prescribing Safety in Primary and Ambulatory Care
by Professor Bruce Guthrie
19 June
Roles of MicroRNAs in Neointimal Lesion Formation and Atherosclerosis
by Dr. Chiu Jeng-Jiann
19 June
Climate Change and Nursing: Why We Need to Take Notice and Have a Brave Voice
by Professor Patricia Davidson
13 June
Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome in China
by Professor Chen Ying-yao
12 June
Digital Health: From Data to Translation
by Professor Simon Poon
12 June
Public Health Social Responsibility in China
by Professor Chen Ying-yao
9 June
Genomic and Functional Studies of Human Tumors Using Patient Derived Xenografts (PDXs)
by Professor Charles Lee
1 June
Strategies in Building Successful REF Impact Case Studies in Health Science
by Professor Hugh McKenna
24 May
Moving Beyond Genome-wide Association Studies through the Modelling of More Complex Mechanisms
by Professor Heather Cordell
24 May
Why We Need to Put Patients at the Centre of Healthcare
by Dr. Fiona Godlee
23 May
Too Much Medicine, Too Little Medicine
by Dr. Fiona Godlee
8 May
Diabetes IV
by Professor Rury Holman & Professor Philip Clarke
26 April 
Making Bone: From Mesenchymal Progenitors to Metabolic Regulation
By Professor Fanxin Long
26 April 
Leveraging Preclinical Science Towards Hypothesis-Driven Clinical Research
by Professor S. Gail Eckhardt
21 April 
Academic-Industry Partnerships: Learnings | Models | The Future
by Professor William Neil Charman
19 April 
Entrepreneurship: An essential 21st Century Skill for Pharmacists
by Professor William Neil Charman
10 April 
Incorporating the Views of Our Young People into Healthcare Decision-making: Obtaining Preferences to Health States Defined by the Patient-reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) EQ-5D-Y
by Dr. Oliver Rivero-Arias
7 April 
Fork In The Road: Which Road Should One Select and WHY?
by Dr. Yuichi Sugiyama
6 April 
Reverse Translation Research: A Success Story In Drug Discovery And Development
by Dr. Yuichi Sugiyama
5 April
The Global Burden of Surgical Disease
by Professor Wayne F. Larrabee Jr.
29 March
Lessons Learned from Health Sector Reforms in South Africa  
by Professor Laetitia Charmaine RISPEL
24 March
Academic Entrepreneurship: A Synergistic Taxane-based Nanomedicine
by Professor Glen S. Kwon
23 March
Polymeric Micelles and Sol-Gels for Synergistic Drug Delivery
by Professor Glen S. Kwon
17 March
Surgical Care Improvement Project: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
by Professor Mary Hawn
15 February
From Ideas to Action: The Power of Randomized Trials
by Professor Mohit Bhandari
5 January
Nerve Regeneration in the Central Nervous System
by Professor Zhigang He
5 January
The past, present and future of Chinese Materia Medica
by Professor Guo De-an

28 December 
Complex Regulation of TRPM8 Channel
by Professor Natalia Prevarskaya
21 December 
Calcium and calcium channels in initiation and progression of prostate cancer
by Professor Natalia Prevarskaya
13 December 
Driving Change in Clinical Practice Through Innovation
by Professor Barry P. McMahon
9 December 
Comparative Effectiveness Research in Integrative Medicine
by Professor Claudia M. WITT
8 December 
The Future of Healthcare
by Professor Brian M. Berman, M.D.
7 December 
An innovative partnership model to promote health outcomes of persons with dementia and their family caregivers
1 December 
Determinants of chronic disease and mortality in the Chinese population
by Dr. G. Neil Thomas
1 December 
ECG Monitoring Research: Three Decades of Discovery
by Professor Barbara Drew
16 November 
Integrating palliative care into the care for people with advanced dementia
by Professor Kevin Brazil
8 November 
Defining Your Boundary of Medical Practice: Current Controversies of Stem Cell Therapies 
by Professor Minghao Zheng
7 November 
Diabetes care - are we in a golden era?
by Dr. William T. Cefalu
3 November 
To Succeed, We Must Fail
by Prof. Mohit Bhandari
13 October 
Research in the Genetics of Pituitary Tumors; An Update on GPR101
by Dr. Constantine A. Stratakis
11 October 
Pneumonia Biology: Host Responses to Microbial Challenges
by Professor Joseph P Mizgerd (Sc.D.)
11 October 
Genetics of Adrenal Tumors: the cAMP Signaling Pathway
by Dr. Constantine A. Stratakis
5 October 
Outcomes research in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery
by Professor Michael G. Stewart, M.D., M.P.H.
4 October 
Diabetes II
by Professor Mark McCarthy & Professor Ele Ferrannini
26 September
Technologies and Biostatistics Applications in Public Health and Primary Care
by Professor David Owens, Professor David Matchar and Professor Benny Zee
21 September
Establishing a pragmatic framework to optimize health outcomes in heart failure and multimorbidity (ARISE-HF): Multidisciplinary perspective

by Professor Barbara Riegel
20 - 21 August
Engineering Medical Innovation Summit: Medicine for the Future (EMedI Summit) 2016

by Professor Guang-zhong Yang
16 June
A Novel Targeted Colon Cancer Treatment

by Professor SHAY Jerry W.
15 June
Multidisciplinary research to enhance patient outcomes and health service delivery

by Professor Alexandra McCarthy
24 May
by Dr. Peter H. Bennett and 
Professor Nick Wareham
19 May
Function of the prefrontal cortex
by Professor Yang Dan
18 May
Epstein Barr Virus and Lymphoid Malignancies

by Professor Richard F Ambinder, MD PhD
17 May
Neural circuits of sleep-wake control

by Professor Yang Dan
25 April
Critical lessons in Intensive Care Medicine:   From Africa, through Hong Kong  to the “first world”
by Professor Jeffrey Lipman
20 April
Aging and Cancer: Are telomeres and telomerase the connection?
by Professor SHAY Jerry W.
14 April
Genetic variances of lens cellular architecture and cataratogenesis
by Professor GONG Xiaohua, Ph.D.
14 April
Publishing Papers in High-impact Journals: An Editor’s Perspective
by Professor C Simon Herrington
13 April
Protein polymer nanomedicines for vision disorders
by Professor Sarah F. HAMM-ALVAREZ, Ph. D.
12 April
Molecular genetics and cellular biology of mouse retina and related disorders and therapies
by Professor GONG Xiaohua, Ph.D.
6 March
Controlled Drug Delivery: Historical Perspective for the Future
by Professor Kinam PARK, Ph. D.
2 March
Quantitative Systems Pharmacology: Application to translational research and personalized/precision medicine
by Professor Jessie Lai-Sim AU, Pharm.D., Ph.D.



10 - 14 July
Summer Clinical Attachment Programme 2017
21 April
Dr. & Mrs. Tzu Leung Ho Honor Society Outstanding Academic Awards Presentation Ceremony cum Annual Dinner 2017
24 March 
White Coat Party for Medical Graduates 2017
21 March 
CUHK-UU-UoT Joint Symposium & Workshop on Big Data Challenges Linked to Environmental Exposures
19 March 
Communication Disorders and Sciences Expert Seminar Series – Seminar on "Incorporating Counselling into Speech-Language Pathology: An Insider's Perspective on Clinical Application"
18 March 
Fun Run 2017
10-11 March 
CUMEC - Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Education Conference
25 February 
Teachers' & Students' Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017
21 January
Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Disorders and Sciences (2017 Intake) - Information Session
13 January
Symposium on: “Translational Researches in Robotics – from Macro to Nano Scale”
by Prof. Dr. Bradley Nelson and Prof. Samuel Au
6 January 
Dr. Lui Che Woo Distinguished Professor Public Lecture:
Big Biobanks, Big Data and Big Opportunities

by Professor Zhengming Chen, MBBS DPhil

10 December 
Palliative Care Symposium for Health Care Workers in Chinese Population 2016
9 Dec 2016 - 30 Jun 2017
Free Online Course “Research Methodology for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response”
1 Dec 2016 - 30 Jun 2017
Free Online Course “Climate Change and Health” (3rd Cohort)
19 November 
Master's Degree (2015-2016)
Graduation Ceremony
19 November 
Inaugural Lanson Lecture in Bioethics: Two Concepts of Dignity
by Professor Jonathan Glover
16 Nov 2016 - 15 Oct 2017 
Free Online Course "Public Health Principles in Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response"
5 November
Orientation Day 2016
10 September
White Coat Inauguration Ceremony for Medical Freshmen 2016
16 July
BABE Workshop 2016 “Biopharmaceutics of Modified Release Products and Challenging Drug Molecules"
11 - 15 July
Summer Clinical Attachment Programme
11 June 
12 May 
Donation Ceremony for the Establishment of Lui Che Woo Distinguished Young Scholars Award
11 May 
Cancer: From Biology to Treatment
22 April 
Dr. & Mrs. Tzu Leung Ho Honor Society Outstanding Academic Awards Presentation Ceremony cum Annual Dinner
18 March
White Coat Party for Medical Graduates