Life at Clinical Years

Selected Study Modules 
Selected Study Modules (SSM) offer students greater flexibility. They are an extension of, but no less important than, subject panels. SSM allow students to explore various topics of their own interest, to investigate medical issues and/or to prepare a critique or study of some clinically related or community-based project. SSM have the following main objectives:
> To allow students to go beyond the boundaries of, and provide a complement to, core subjects;
> To enable students to investigate areas of personal interest and study them in depth;
> To stimulate interest and equip students with a basic understanding of scientific research methods;
> To inculcate a self-critical, evidence-based approach to the practice of medicine;
> To expose students to medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties to allow more informed career choices.


White Coat Inauguration Ceremony
White coats are a symbol of the importance to the community of the medical profession; they carry the expectations of society and represent the trust placed in medical practitioners by patients. CUHK Faculty of Medicine is committed to nurturing medical students in the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics. The White Coat Inauguration Ceremony for Medical Freshmen signified the turning point of the student from a secondary school student to one who is entrusted with the responsibility of serving and interacting with patients in clinics and hospital wards.