Li Yan Yu, Elective in India
The four-week journey to the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore was an eye opening and inspiring experience in which I was able to explore the disease spectrum and unique clinical practices in India. For instance, leprosy and mobile clinics are designed to provide health care services in order to cope with constraints such as poverty, limited resources and poor transportation. Furthermore, I was impressed by the worship and prayer sessions before the ward rounds in the CMC as they have reminded me that God is the Great Physician.

Despite the language and cultural differences, the passion to heal is common in our hearts. A caring heart and genuine empathy are always crucial, irrespective of locality.

Emily Wong, Internship at the WHO
Volunteering and community service have always played an important role in my life, and a simple smile or a 'thank you' from a person whose life I have touched is enough to brighten up my whole day. In the midst of all of the course work and exams required for medical school, these experiences continuously remind me of the initial passion that drove me to pursue medical studies.

With support from the faculty and donors, I was given the opportunity to complete a 6-week internship at the World Health Organisation Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland this past summer. My main area of work focused on the Vision 20/20 project and the drafting of the Global Action Plan against Preventable Blindness 2014-2019. I was also able to attend the 65th World Health Assembly as a student delegate. It was an incredibly eye opening experience to witness global health policy being made first hand. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of international health, the internship has also motivated me to pursue further training in the field of global health in the future.

Throughout our medical education at CUHK, compassion and an empathetic attitude have been given as much emphasis as bookwork and knowledge. As graduates, I hope we will be able to keep up this passion and treat every patient with our heart.