Student Associations


Medical Society
The Medical Society is a non-profit student association formed by a group of aspiring medical students in 1982. Each year, they organise a wide range of activities, including academic, recreational and social events. In 2015, they hosted a charity event, the Medical Students’ Festival, to raise funds through a variety show and charity ball. Members also organised the Medical Society's annual flagship event, the Health Exhibition, in Hong Kong and Macau to raise public awareness of health issues. International service trips are another highlight, such as the service trip to Sri Lanka held in 2016. In addition to organising activities that help medical students learn, the Medical Society acts as a bridge connecting faculty members and students, and creating a close social network that lasts beyond their years at university.

Pharmacy Society
The Pharmacy Society is a student association dedicated to serving students in the School of Pharmacy. The 23rd Pharmacy Society, Pharmmitment, is made up of 12 enthusiastic students who are committed to concertedly serving and seeking welfare for the members with sincerity and courage. Through a variety of activities, the Pharmacy Society aims to bring about fruitful and memorable experience for the members, as well as to become the bridge between the School of Pharmacy, colleges, external organisations and the members.

Nursing Society
Nural, the cabinet of the 2016-2017 22nd Nursing Society of The Nethersole School of Nursing, is formed by 11 nursing students from different colleges. Nural is a name derived from the word “coral”, where marine lives aggregate. In the coming year, the society hopes that it can gather every nursing student with different personalities and interests and serve all of their needs like corals providing shelters for different kinds of marine lives. Besides, Nural believes that vitality comes from people’s heart. It is about faith, persistence and commitment. The committee members of Nural strive their best to advocate the idea of nursing, uphold the spirit of Nural to serve nursing students and promise to provide every nursing student with a satisfactory university life, so as to enhance their sense of belonging to The Nethersole School of Nursing.

Society of Public Health
The Society of Public Health was formed by students of both the Public Health Programme and the Community Health Practice Programme. The society aims to strengthen connections between students of the two programmes by organising various activities, including the Spring Celebration, Graduates' Photo-Taking Day, Freshmen Orientation Camp and Sports Day.
Moreover, the society conducts health promotion activities within and outside campus to raise awareness of public health.

Asian Medical Students' Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK)
The Asian Medical Students' Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK) is a student-led organisation jointly run by medical students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. As a founding member of AMSA International and an associate member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) recognised by both the WHO and UN, AMSAHK facilitates exchange between local students and their overseas counterparts through conferences and exchanges. In addition to increasing the international exposure of medical students, AMSAHK advocates the importance of scientific research, global exchange, public health and medical education. AMSAHK also works to equip medical students with the expertise and dedication they need to serve the wider community in their future careers. What's more, it serves as a bridge between medical students and healthcare professionals by actively contributing towards public health promotion and policy making.

Medical Outreachers (MOHK)
Medical Outreachers Hong Kong (MOHK) is a non-governmental organisation comprising medical students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. It embodies three core values: Reach Out, Create and Inspire. MOHK service projects span local and international regions, serving people from ethnic minorities in Hong Kong to those without medical support in countries such as Uganda and Nepal. The organisation distinguishes itself by emphasising the continuity of its projects in the hope of creating lasting impacts on those being
served. Through the years, MOHK has witnessed the sustainable impact of its work and helped volunteers reflect on the human side of medicine,
increasing their determination to become compassionate future doctors. In short, the group of medical students working with MOHK aspires to
and envisages a life at medical school that is not just about studying but about taking action to relieve the suffering of others.

Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong (SSAHK)
The Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong (SSAHK) is a student organisation jointly run by medical students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. With the aim of encouraging interest in the field of surgery among students at the undergraduate level, SSAHK organises a wide variety of activities, including Surgical Skills Workshops, the Surgical Taster Day, Careers Night and Interactive Seminars. With these activities, SSAHK hopes to establish connections between medical students and surgeons and international surgical societies.

MedEgg Production
MedEgg Production is a non-profit organisation that promotes dramatic productions by medical students. The team is composed wholly of medical students, who take part in every aspect of a production, from the front of the stage to the backstage. By participating in MedEgg’s programme, CUHK medical students are able to build self-confidence and develop teamwork skills as well as a sense of responsibility, all of which are critical to the development of a student’s career. In 2015, MedEgg became the first non-college drama team to take part in the Inter-Collegiate Drama Competition at CUHK. Aside from participating in the competition, MedEgg stages three productions each year, including the Variety Show held by the Medical Society at the Medical Students’ Festival, the Annual Production and Summer Production. Through drama, MedEgg also hopes to convey the views and aspirations of future doctors.