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Associations & Activities

Associations & Activities

Whether you want to develop new skills, delve deeper into your studies or have fun and relax, associations and activities is a good chance for you!


At CU Medicine, you may start up your own association or participate in our different activities. Check out some of our many activities:



Asian Medical Students' Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK)

Founded in 2003 as the first interschool medical student organisation, AMSAHK's Executive Committee comprises 45 medical students in seven departments from CUHK and HKU. The student association organises and participates in events on local, regional and international scales, working as a founding national member organisation of AMSA International and the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, as well as being recognised by both the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. With the aim of transforming ideas into action, AMSAHK advocates the importance of scientific research, global exchange, public health and medical education, hosting various activities and events throughout each academic year. The organisation hopes to improve local awareness of prevalent healthcare issues, and expose local students to the international healthcare community. Overall, AMSAHK works to bridge the gap between medical students and healthcare professionals through actively contributing to public health promotion and policy making.


Doctor of Excellence (DOE)

Founded in 2005 by a group of passionate doctors, Doctor of Excellence (DOE) is a joint university medical student society aiming to serve medics with a diverse range of resources to help them work towards their personal and holistic education, whilst also educating them on humanistic and all-round career development via doctor-student relationship and collaborations. Comprising of three departments together with doctor mentors from different specialties, DOE organises events such as mentorship camps, local health check services, overseas service trips, real patient PBL workshops and career talks to equip medical students with different skills and enable them to be doctors of excellence in the future.


Hong Kong Student Association of Neuroscience (HKSAN)

Hong Kong Student Association of Neuroscience (HKSAN) is the first joint-university, cross-disciplinary neuroscience student association in Hong Kong. Founded in 2019, HKSAN is dedicated to connecting and inspiring students for the advancement and popularisation of neuroscience. HKSAN organises an array of exciting neuroscience-related projects and activities, such as Annual Conferences, neuroscience-related medical specialty boot camps, research webinars, doctor and patient interviews, career talks, and in-person clinical training workshops.


MEDEGG Production

Founded in 2001, MEDEGG’s Production is a non-profit drama society comprised solely of medical students. Handling all aspects of creating a drama production, from directing, acting and doing make-up, to light and sound effects, marketing and constructing sets and props, medical students work as a team and develop their artistic talents and organisational skills together. MEDEGG stages their Annual Production in January and Summer Production in July. The crew also takes part in the annual CUHK Drama Competition. MEDEGG has been enriching CUHK medical students’ life for almost two decades, providing a channel for students to demonstrate their creativity and come together as a team, forming bonds and friendships to carry them through the rigours of medical school.


Medical Outreachers (MOHK)

Comprised of medical students from CUHK and HKU, Medical Outreachers Hong Kong (MOHK) is a non-governmental organisation committed to “Reach Out, Create and Inspire“ to serve ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and those without medical support in the remote suburban China or Nepal communities. Focusing on long-term projects designed to make a lasting, sustainable impact, MOHK helps volunteers reflect on the human side of medicine while empowering them to take action now to alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings.


Medical Students’ Paediatrics Association (MSPA) 

Founded in 2019, the Medical Students’ Paediatrics Association (MSPA) aims to promote healthcare in children and act as a bridge between the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians, the Hong Kong Paediatric Society, medical schools, and the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital (HKCH). MSPA organize a wide variety of activities such as Preclinical Paediatrics Attachment Program and Careers Night, which provide students with different opportunities to get involved in the paediatric community as well as gaining experience and knowledge that equips them for clinical years.


Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong (SSAHK)

A student organisation jointly run by medical students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and The University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Student Surgical Association of Hong Kong (SSAHK) -  also an affiliate of the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong – is dedicated to promoting interest in surgery among undergraduate students. Beyond helping medical students connect with surgeons and international surgical societies, SSAHK also arranges activities such as suturing workshops, the Surgical Taster Day, Careers Night and seminars.

University's Student Activities CUHK

University's Activities

The Student Activities Section of the Office of Student Affairs provides support to students for running student associations and organising extra-curricular activities that are an integral part of a student's non-formal education experience while the Student Amenities Section manages the facilities booking system, International House and student accommodation.