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A Personalised Curriculum Designed by You

CU Medicine welcome ambitious learners and dreamers from all walks of life. Knowing each student is unique and that their dreams often extend beyond the study of medicine, we offer a “personalised” curriculum designed to empower talented learners to take charge of their own education, develop their abilities and pursue their dreams.  From developing your skills to helping you gain the confidence to be a leader, our flexible curriculum features personal growth options tailored according to each student’s own vision and interests. As your committed partner in education, we will see to it that you have all the help you need to develop your passion and make the right choices.



Choose your own Path:

CU Medicine recognises all medical students have interests that extend beyond medicine. By tailoring their own interdisciplinary plan, students can explore personal interests and embrace new challenges to deepen their professional development as soon as they enter the medical school. From taking an elective in language to embarking on a minor in psychology or music, students have the flexibility to carve their study programme in a manner and at a timing that best fits their interest.
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CU Medicine students are empowered to make their own choices by having the right to initiate one or more intercalated years. Each student lives a different life, with unique dreams and plans. At CU Medicine, it’s students who decide whether they are ready to spend a year abroad or prefer to explore a new academic field. Personal, optional and even multiples, our intercalated years policy gives you the flexibility you need to build the career you want at the pace you choose. 
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