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SMART Student-centred

smart mentorship-basedsmart assured knowledge acquisitionsmart robust clinical teachingsmart teaching ethics and professionalism


We see things through the eyes of our students, understand their needs and walk them through any difficulties they may encounter. We inspire our students to undertake self-directed learning and equip them to be active learners so they are motivated to make the most of their potential.


A curriculum that takes account of students

A curriculum that takes account of students

A distinctive feature of our programme is that we really listen to our students. Their views and feedback have enabled us to develop learning resources that make it easy for them to understand intricate concepts in basic science and medicine. Student representatives participate in curriculum planning meetings with our teachers, and their views and perceptions help us to adapt the curriculum to suit students from diverse backgrounds. This is part of our approach of responding to students' needs and giving them the support they require to succeed.


Our doors are always open

Responding to students' needs is an ongoing process. Our team, including the Dean, are here at all times to engage with students and to listen to their opinions.



 We take pride in our students' achievements

We take pride in our students' achievements

With the right support, encouragement and environment, all our students are able to meet their desired goals. Some of our most successful students, such as Rhodes Scholar awardee Dr. Timothy CHENG, are testament to the success of our student-centred approach to teaching.

Our students, Ms. Prilla TSANG and Ms. Candy KANG, are the first two undergraduate students in Hong Kong listed as co-first authors in an international leading journal, International Journal of Cardiology.

Our students, Ms. Lily Wan Ying LAI, Mr. Michael Man Yuen SUEN and Mr. James Kwong Yew HOOI are the co-first authors of a study published in an international leading journal Gastroenterology. >>Read More

Dr. Timothy CHENG was the first medical student in Hong Kong to have been awarded the Rhodes Scholar, one of the world's most prestigious scholarships, in 2010.

Our student Chris WONG won the Best Scientific Paper Award at the International Colorectal Disease Symposium (ICDS) 2019.