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Teaching Ethics and Professionalism


Ethics and Professionalism

SMART Student-centred

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We believe that good doctors are defined not by what they know of diseases but by how well they care for people suffering from diseases. A significant part of our SMART curriculum is dedicated to teaching bioethical values and principles.

Teaching ethics in partnership with Columbia University

Teaching ethics in partnership with Columbia University

CUHK Medicine has partnered with Columbia University, the top-ranked Ivy League School with a first-rate bioethics programme, to provide a new ethics curriculum.


In our new bioethics curriculum, we teach moral principles to empower our students with a strong sense of ethical values. The expectation is that future doctors must, above all, be ethical persons, which is not only a local but a global view.


A unique feature of our new ethics curriculum is the ability to hold discussions with local and overseas teachers through a novel combination of electronic and face-to-face interactions. Through this programme, our students develop strong analytical capabilities enabling them to think through ethical dilemmas clearly, morally and humanely.


Putting knowledge of ethics into practice

Putting knowledge of ethics into practice

Students participate in discussions about ethical issues during the quarterly Ethics Grand Rounds, interacting with their seniors, professors and other members of the healthcare community - a unique feature of CUHK Medicine.


Your identity as a medical professional

CUHK Medicine students can be easily identified even in a crowd - they demonstrate ethical values and behaviours and have empathy and compassion for patients. Not surprisingly, they have been consistently rated as among the best in Hong Kong during their internships in independent assessments by doctors and healthcare professionals working in HA Hospitals.

Student involvement in the medical community

At CUHK Medicine, we strongly support student participation in all our academic and professional meetings and conferences, a characteristic of life as a medical professional. A significant number of our students actively participate in these events, and some have even received awards at regional conferences. Our environment motivates and empowers them with the desire to become a professional, endowed with a sense of ethical values that make them highly valued in society.