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Award Objectives

About the Award
Since its establishment in 1981, the Faculty of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CU Medicine) has nurtured nearly 5,000 medical alumni and many of them have made contributions to the medical profession and the community with the noble aim of benefitting the wellbeing of mankind and building wellness for the community.

The Faculty of Medicine presents Distinguished Medical Alumni Award on an annual basis to recognise the CU medicine alumni who have made remarkable contributions to society, and whose accomplishments, endeavours, affiliations, and leadership have honoured the legacy of perfection and excellence at the Faculty.

Objectives of the Award
To give formal recognition to the CU medical alumni who excel in professional endeavours and contribution to the community

To encourage the CU medical alumni to contribute to shaping a better future for society

To provide an incentive to the CU medical alumni who seek further advancement in cultural accomplishment as well as in humanitarian services