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Schools, Departments & Unit

Schools, Departments & Unit

Department of Microbiology


Microorganisms cause a broad spectrum of infections that can have a serious impact on human health. Clinical microbiology is the medical discipline concerned with preventing, managing and curing infectious diseases. In addition to delivering clinical microbiology courses to students of the university, our department provides training in the skills required by healthcare professionals to handle challenges in a wide range of patient situations. We also perform diagnostic and clinical consultation services at several hospitals in Hong Kong.

We conduct cutting-edge research to improve our understanding on the epidemiology and pathogenesis of infectious diseases. We investigate novel prevention, diagnostic and intervention strategies leading to a better control of infections of local and global concern. Among the horizon of clinical microbiology, we concentrate mostly on viruses associated with human cancers, respiratory and diarrhoeal viruses, antimicrobial resistance, novel antimicrobial discovery and gut microbiome.

Our mission is to improve human health by solving clinical microbiological problems. We aspire to deliver world-class education, training, research and patient-oriented clinical services.