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Event Highlights

Event Highlights

Career Workshop on Surgery in Zoom Webinar (11-Sep-2020)

Even a pandemic could not stop some CUHK alumni from helping out medical students with much-needed advice. At least nine physicians from different hospitals held a Career Workshop on Surgery, via zoom webinar, on 11 September at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Dr Bonita LAW, the Director of Surgery at Union Hospital, was the moderator.

During the three-hours, the students were briefed on training programmes, selection criteria and how to plan for their internships. They also heard about the experiences some of the surgeons had gone through.

The students, on their part, responded with numerous probing questions, from how to choose training centres and how a medical student with eczema or one who suffers from hand tremors can prepare themselves for surgical practice to insights about other subspecialties. The students were also eager to know about what criteria internship rotations are based on or how to cope with the demands of being a surgeon.

About 170 students participated in the interactive workshop.