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Event Highlights

Event Highlights

SFL Intern Survival Workshop In Zoom Webinar (23-Jun-2020)

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SFL Intern Survival Workshop was held on 23 Jun 2020 in Webinar format for the very first time since launch. Thankfully, it has been well received by more than 100 medical interns. They were given tips and advice on what to expect as interns and also how to communicate effectively with other healthcare practitioners.

Thanks to the staunch support of the CUHK Medical Alumni Association (CUHKMAA), the webinar was moderated by its Treasurer, Dr. Zenon YEUNG (MBChB 2009) from United Christian Hospital’s ENT Department. A number of medical alumni and guest speakers were invited to share their experiences. They included Infectious Disease Specialist -  Dr. Bonnie WONG (MBChB 2002); Dr. Gloria WONG (MBChB 2009) from Department of Radiology, Princess Margaret Hospital; Dr. Sze Ho MA (MBChB 2009) from Department of M&T, Prince of Wales Hospital; Dr. Catherine CHAN (MBChB 2015) from Prince of Wales Hospital’s ENT Department; Dr. Yuen Cheuk WONG (MBChB 2019), current intern and Mr. Wilson CHIANG, Deputy WM in Department of M&T, Prince of Wales Hospital. Dr. Xina LO (MBChB 2005), President of CUHKMAA also joined to show her support to the new interns.

To help these new interns do better planning for their career development, alumni including Dr. Edmund FONG (MBChB 2002), Dr. Eric CHEUNG (MBChB 2009) and Dr. Johnny LAM (MBChB 2011) also joined the shooting of videos on Career Talk to share their experience and advice for different specialties.