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(Community Health And Medication-safety Promotion Inter-school Outreach Network)



To promote medication safety, healthy lifestyle, and diseases prevention.

Developed in 2013, Community Health And Medication-safety Promotion Inter-school Outreach Network (CU CHAMPION) is an inter-disciplinary outreach service team and a service learning program. The program is supported by Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant, and Knowledge Transfer Fund from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).




Team Members


CU CHAMPION comprised teachers, students, and alumni of the university’s medicine, pharmacy, nursing, gerontology, Chinese medicine, public health, community health practice, biomedical sciences, social work, and food & nutritional sciences.  



Core Team

CU CHAMPION Champ High School Student Program

Champ - High School Student Program


High-school students

CU CHAMPION started Comprehensive Health Advocacy Mentorship Program (Champ) in 2016. The objective of the program is to provide high school students, especially those who are interested in joining the medical school, an opportunity to understand community health problems encountered by senior citizens. High school participants will be trained with the basics of medication safety and disease management so that they can provide first-line healthcare support to their families, and eventually to the community.


CU CHAMPION Community Outreach Program 2018 Presentation

CU CHAMPION Community Outreach Program 2018 Presentation


Community Outreach Service

CU CHAMPION has collaborated with local community organisations and elderly service centres every year. Normally, student volunteers will provide a basic health check and conduct health interview with service participants. And pharmacists, nurses, and Chinese medicine practitioners will provide professional consultation and to understand their health background, lifestyle and dietary habit, and health literacy.

Apart from elderly outreach service, CU CHAMPION has also expanded its services to ethnic minorities groups, children, teenagers, rehabilitation patients, and women.  

Diabetes Prevention Day

Diabetes Prevention Day

Community Outreach Service

Community Outreach Service



In short, CU CHAMPION aims at enhancing community health, medication safety, and disease prevention via organising various community outreach services. These are also very good opportunities for CUHK students to implement and practise skills learnt from their medical training, collaborate with high school students, and peers across disciplines, and improve their communication skills with service subjects. 

Please visit to learn more about CU CHAMPION’s latest community outreach program and its impact in the community.



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