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Press Releases
CUHK Announces 2019-20 Admission Score for Medicine  and the Formal Launch of the “Personalised MBChB Curriculum”

CUHK Announces 2019-20 Admission Score for Medicine and the Formal Launch of the “Personalised MBChB Curriculum”

The Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) today announces that students can be admitted to the MBChB Programme via the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) if they score 40 or above in seven subjects in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) and give a satisfactory performance in admission interview. In addition, the Faculty will formally launch the “Personalised MBChB Curriculum” in 2019-20 by allowing flexibility for students to pursue their own vision and interest beyond the study of medicine. Together with the enhancement of teaching and research facilities, the Faculty aims to become a world-class medical school raising medical leaders and compassionate physicians who will shape the fields of science and medicine with their expertise and passion through excellence in teaching, learning and research.


Admission Score as 40 or above in 7 subjects in HKDSE

CUHK Medicine gives weight to the overall performance of HKDSE students and highly recommends taking a third elective in HKDSE. 2019 HKDSE candidates who put MBChB as the first programme choice will be admitted to the medical school via JUPAS once they have scored 40 or above in seven subjects and performed satisfactorily in admission interview.


Professor Francis KL CHAN, Dean of Medicine of CUHK, said, “In the past, we have noticed that students who demonstrated overall good performance in various subjects in public examinations will have a high level of learning ability and adaptability. They are able to respond quickly to different needs and circumstances at work. We hope to start with the admission arrangements and identify this group of all-round students by referring to their overall performance in the seven subjects.”


Launch of the Personalised MBChB Curriculum

More than 90% of our medical students completed their clinical electives in overseas attachments to broaden their horizons and their medical learning experience. A number of students have their interests and aspirations extended beyond the study of medicine and tailored their own interdisciplinary study plans in language or research master’s programmes, which make their experience in the study of medicine fuller.


rofessor Francis KL CHAN, Dean of Medicine of CUHK

Professor Francis KL CHAN, Dean of Medicine of CUHK, states that the Faculty gives weight to the overall performance of students and hopes to identify this group of all-round students by referring to their overall performance in the seven subjects in DSE.


In view of this, CUHK Medicine will formally launch the “Personalised MBChB Curriculum” in 2019-20. All medical students will enjoy the flexibility to shape their study programme in a manner, and at a timing that best fits their interest and pace. This could be going on overseas exchange, initiating intercalated years, joining humanitarian missions abroad, launching their own social and community services, gaining first-hand hospital administration experience, or taking an elective offered by other faculties or departments. Every medical student can indicate their personal interests and develop their own diverse learning plan when they are admitted, and achieve their goals with the full support and assistance of the Faculty.


Professor Francis CHAN pointed out, “We deeply believe that medical students can enjoy a diverse university life. We see that each student is unique and has his or her own passion and pace. Therefore, the Faculty encourages students to tailor their own learning experience at an appropriate stage of their study to meet their personal growth objectives.”


Enhancement of Healthcare Teaching Facilities

The Faculty is now implementing short, medium and long-term works projects to provide the needed spaces and facilities for teaching, learning, research and related student support to meet the increase in healthcare-related degree intakes and further our world-class research.


Enhancement of Healthcare Teaching Facilities



Renovation of facilities in Choh-Ming LI Basic Medical Sciences Building



Construction of a teaching-research complex in Tai Po Area 39, including inter-professional teaching and training facilities for medical, nursing and other allied health programme students; a world-class lecture theatre, and laboratories for conducting internationally regarded research.


This complex will be close to Hong Kong Science Park, CUHK Campus, Prince of Wales Hospital and CUHK Medical Centre. This proximity will generate a synergistic effect and establish a hub for medical education, research and clinical service in the region.



Construction of a multi-purpose building and student residence around the Prince of Wales Hospital



Professor Francis CHAN concluded that, “We are coordinating comprehensively on all fronts, from admission, curriculum design and development, to facilities management, to support our students to grow to become good doctors with compassion and expertise, and benefit more patients through scientific and medical research. With the enhancement of medical education and research facilities, we are confident that talented global medical researchers and professors will be drawn to teach in Hong Kong, providing our students with first-class medical education. We are committed to maintaining a world-class standard of medical education and outstanding medical research achievements. With this goal in mind, we are determined to make sustained investments and spare no effort to ensure that the territory’s healthcare system continues to be the pride of every Hong Kong citizen.”


CUHK Medical student Shaz CHENG

Medical student WONG Tsz Him will advance to Year 4 in the coming academic year. He has obtained minors in German, risk management and statistics, enriching his learning experience.




CUHK Medical student WONG Tsz Him

Shaz CHENG will soon start her Year 5 study in medicine. She says the CUHK’s medical curriculum provides her with great flexibility to pursue different learning experiences including overseas clinical attachment and studying a master’s programme, which enable her to recognise the future career path.  

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