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Professor CHAN Lam, Stephen

Professor CHAN Lam, Stephen

Assistant Dean (Health Systems)

Ip’s Family Trust Professor of Clinical Oncology

Professor, Department of Clinical Oncology

CUHK Employment
  • Assistant Dean (Health Systems), Faculty of Medicine
  • Ip’s Family Trust Professor of Clinical Oncology
  • Professor, Department of Clinical Oncology


  • Medical Oncology
Education & Qualifications

MBBS (HKU), MRCP (UK), FHKCP, FHKAM (Medicine), FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Lond), MD (CUHK)



Research Interests
  • Clinical research on hepatobiliary-pancreatic and neuroendocrine cancers


Additional Information


Award & Honour

  • Young Investigator Award, Hong Kong College of Physicians, 2008
  • Best Thesis Award Gold Medal, Hong Kong College of Physicians, 2007

Professional Service

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Hepatology
  • Associate Editor, Asia-pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology
  • Chairman, Education Committee, The International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA)
  • Panel Member, Biology and Medicine Panel (General Research Fund and Other Fund Schemes for individual Research), University Grants Committee

Academic Engagement in CUHK

  • Coordinator of teaching for Medical Year 6, Department of Clinical Oncology, CUHK
  • Member, Executive Committee for CUHK-PWH Medical Centre, CUHK    
Selected Publications


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