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Professor LEUNG Wai Hong, Thomas

Professor LEUNG Wai Hong, Thomas

Assistant Dean (Education)

Lee Quo Wei Professor of Neurology, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics

CUHK Employment
  • Assistant Dean (Education), Faculty of Medicine
  • Lee Quo Wei Professor of Neurology, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics
  • Director, Kwok Tak Seng Centre for Stroke Research and Intervention

  • Director, SHKP Kwok Brain Health Research Centre


Education & Qualifications



Research Interests
  • Stroke imaging
  • Intracranial atherosclerosis 

Additional Information


Award & Honour

  • Fellow of American Heart Association (FAHA)
  • Fellow of European Stroke Organization (FESO)
  • Hospital Authority Outstanding Team Award (PWH-CUHK Stroke Team), 2019
  • Teacher of the Year Award, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, 2018
  • The State of Scientific and Technological Progress Award - Second Prize, 2014
  • HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Health Award (Asia-Pacific Region), 2013
  • Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (Science and Technology) - First Class Award in Natural Sciences, Ministry of Education of PRC, 2011
  • Second Prize in Medical Technology, Chinese Medical Association, 2011
  • Distinguished Research Paper Award for Young Investigators, Hong Kong College of Physicians, 2011
  • Young Investigator Award, S.H. Ho Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Centre, 2011

Professional Service

  • Director and Honorary Consultant, Acute Stroke Unit, Prince of Wales Hospital
  • President, Hong Kong Neurological Society
  • Council member, National Endovascular Treatment for Stroke Committee and Stroke Prevention and Risk Factor Control Committee
  • National coordinator for Safe Implementation of Treatment in Stroke (SITS)
  • Expert Witness for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Assistant Editor for Stroke
  • Associate editor for International Journal of Stroke
  • Guest Associate Editor for Frontiers in Neurology
Selected Publications


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  2. Tang S, Xiong L, Fan Y, Mok VCT, Wong KS, Leung TW (corresponding author). Stroke outcome prediction by blood pressure variability, heart rate variability and baroreflex sensitivity. Stroke. 2020.Apr;51(4):1317-1320.doi:10.1161/STROKEAHA.119.027981.
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