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GPS- Vision & Characteristics

GPS- Vision & Characteristics

Global Physician-leadership Stream (GPS)


Our Vision on Tomorrow’s Physician Leaders


To Identify & develop you as a new generation of physician leaders
GPS was launched in 2013 in response to changes in the healthcare sector and the challenges ahead
Under the GPS scheme, high academic potential will:
  • Receive professional medical training of the MBChB curriculum
  • Being trained with global perspectives in medicine and leadership competencies


GPS graduates are expected:
  • To play pivotal leadership roles in the medical community, both local and international
  • Advancing healthcare for the benefit of the community at large


What to expect?
  • Allow you to pursue your post-MBChB studies in an accelerated and streamlined manner
  • A new curriculum which integrates knowledge, skills, attitude, social responsibility, moralistic and professional attributes, international exposure and leadership development 
  • Map your interests and capabilities to learning paths in pursuit of your professional and research excellence
  • Be empowered with additional capacities to face the new challenges of today as well as to benefit the community at large


How will you be measured?
  • The results you achieve
  • The value, or efficiency to achieve good outcomes
  • Improvements in performance resulting from a focus on teamwork through superior coordination, information sharing, and teaming across disciplines