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Director's Message

GPS Director's Message
As the first undergraduate medical leadership programme in Asia, GPS is designed to develop students into future leaders in the medical and healthcare profession in Hong Kong and the international community.

GPS goes beyond professional training in medical knowledge, skills and attitudes and aims to fulfil their aspirations to pursue a clinical or academic career or serve in the public, private or humanitarian sectors. For the GPS programme, we seek well-rounded applicants with high scholastic potential and an international perspective, who are technically competent, adept at solving problems, and capable of demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility, ethical behaviour, patience and compassion. Most importantly, they should be committed to preserving the health of the community and possess a passion for lifelong learning and inquiry. We will look ahead and build on our reputation for innovation, discovery and excellence so we may continue to contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


Professor NG Siu Man, Simon

Director, Global Physician-Leadership Stream

Programme Characteristics

Programme Characteristics Content

Enhanced Mentorship Scheme

  • Gain personal and professional development to become familiar with communities of practice under the support of a large pool of distinguished medical leaders, researchers and our alumni;
  • Enhance competence in areas of interest through various extra-curricular learning opportunities (such as research, social/ clinical service, medical innovations, healthcare promotion and administrative work);
  • Maintain a strong and lifelong mentor-mentee bonding which provides you the most personal and specific guidance, resources and opportunities on your academic and career planning;
  • Develop personal attributes, inter-personal skills and tactics for effective collaboration and leadership;
  • Have a taste to lead and complete an interested project under the close supervision of your mentor; and
  • Engage in potential research and internship at overseas institutions.

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Programme Characteristics Content

Asia's First Undergraduate Medical Leadership Programme

  • Beyond professional training in medical knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Develop students to become future leaders in the medical and healthcare profession in Hong Kong and in international communities
  • Fulfil your ambition to pursue a clinical or academic career, or to serve in the public, private or humanitarian sectors
Programme Characteristics Content

International and Inter-professional Learning Experiences

Outstanding students gain international exposure through: 

  • Funded overseas exchanges
  • Funded internships
  • Funded graduate studies
  • Postgraduate studies