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Event Highlights

Event Highlights
Teachers' and Students' Awards Presentation Ceremony (2017-2022)

Teachers' and Students' Awards Presentation Ceremony (2017-2022)

Teachers’ and Students’ Awards Presentation Ceremony is an important annual event. Teachers of the Years Awards are presented to professors from each programme. It is an occasion when we come together to thank our dedicated teachers who have not only passed their knowledge on to students, but have also inspired them.


The Faculty also offers over 100 prizes and scholarships to recognise our student awardees from medicine, biomedical sciences, Chinese medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health for their distinguished academic performance, significant contributions in extracurricular activities and dedication to serving the community. 

Our warmest congratulations go to the prize and scholarship recipients. Keep up the good work!



Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2022



Prof. MO Kit Han Phoenix
I believe that effective teaching comprises much more than conveying facts. It also empowers students with intellectual inspiration, insights, and life-long skills.

Prof. Phoenix MO 

Associate Professor, The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care


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Faculty Education Award 2022


Prof Alice Kong
All students are unique and talented. My passion for education stems from the day I entered CU Medicine as a medical student. As an alumna, I am devoted to nurturing future excellent doctors and researchers.

Prof. Alice KONG 

Professor, Department of Medicine & Therapeutics


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Prof Christopher See
My philosophy in education is to ensure that students are truly placed at the centre of the learning process, and that teaching approaches evolve continuously in partnership with students.

Dr. Christopher SEE 

Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences


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