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Caring for Yourself – Managing your Diabetes Website

The Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Nursing Division, New Territories East Cluster, Hospital Authority

This website aims to provide clients with diabetes and their carers with relevant, valid and easily accessible information to enhance diabetes self-management.

Project Brief 
The website comprises 35 video clips categorised into 11 chapters. The topics covered include an overview of diabetes and its management, self-monitoring of blood glucose, oral medications and insulin therapy, tips on injecting insulin, common devices for taking insulin, meal planning, exercise and health, support groups, dental care, common myths about diabetes, and tips for maintaining health (e.g. smoking cessation, reduction in alcohol consumption, sick-day management, travelling tips). The videos use multimedia technology to present factual knowledge and involve psychomotor skills. The content was developed by a multidisciplinary team comprising nurses, a physician, a pharmacist, a dietician, a dentist, physiotherapists and a diabetes support group. The videos are in Cantonese with Chinese subtitles and were made culturally specific by having Chinese diabetes clients participate in the video production and discuss their experiences on camera.


Caring for Yourself – Managing Your Diabetes website.

Caring for Yourself – Managing Your Diabetes website.

Major Benefits
Diabetes is a global public health issue. Maintaining optimal glycaemic control is critical to minimising the long-term complications associated with the disease and achieving a better quality of life. Effective diabetes self-management education is key to enhancing the self-management capabilities of clients with diabetes. Diabetes self-management is complex, involving the management of lifestyle changes and the development of self-efficacy. Clients with diabetes need to understand the interrelationships amongst self-management tasks and how to adjust them appropriately, for example, how to manage hypoglycaemic attacks. Equipping clients with diabetes with self-management skills is vital because it enhances their ability to set personal goals and develop action plans to accomplish those goals. More importantly, it motivates them to actively participate in their care and take charge of their own health. The dissemination of health information via the Internet is a growing trend. The Caring for Yourself –Managing Your Diabetes website is designed primarily for use in settings other than diabetes centres, for example, in clients’ own homes. This type of programme may be seen as a supplement to and reinforcement of face-to-face diabetes education.



Oral Medications and Insulin Therapy

Chapter 4: Oral Medications and Insulin Therapy

Self-monitoring of blood glucose

Chapter 2: Self-monitoring of blood glucose


Professor CHAU Pak Chun Janita
Professor LO Hoi Shan, Suzanne