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Student Wellness

Student Wellness

Shine – both physically and mentally :


In life, we all encounter moments when we feel overwhelmed.
Part of your education is to learn to become resilient by developing good habits, enhancing self-understanding and mastery of stress coping.
Check out this basic tips!
  1. Get a full night’s rest. Even if some people can thrive on a few hours sleep, most of us need 8 hours to make it through the day. Regular and adequate sleep can help reduce negative feelings, boost your memory and make you perform better.


  1. Get the basics right! Get yourself a proper mattress and pillow, keep your room dark and NEVER work in bed. Eat decent food and exercise regularly. We don’t want to sound like your parents, but sometimes this basic sleep hygiene helps!


  1. Stick to a routine, especially morning and before bed time. Boring? Maybe, but countless successful and famous doctors, writers, actors, entrepreneurs swears by morning and bed-time routines.


  1. Take a break. We guess this is self-explanatory….


  1. Exercise and play. It may be obvious but scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep and self-esteem. Yes, school is hard. But having a hobby that you can share with friends can make all the difference.



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