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The qualitative study “Collaborate across silos: Perceived barriers to integration of care for the elderly from the perspectives of service providers” identifies the barriers that currently hinder collaboration between health care and social care services for the ageing population in Hong Kong. The identification of such barriers is insightful and practical as it indicates what should be avoided, and what could be done in terms of design and redesign of measures and services in future policy framework (Int J Health Plann Manage. 2018 Apr 27. doi: 10.1002/hpm.2534. [Epub ahead of print]).
Anyone interested in future collaboration in this field of research is welcome to contact our key investigator Prof EK Yeoh, Director of our JC School of Public Health and Primary Care. Prof Yeoh’s research is in health systems, services and policy with an interest in applying systems thinking in studying how the complex components of health systems interact and interrelate to improve health.
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