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Collaborators from Research Center of Thoracic Medicine of Taipei Medical University




On 14 December, we had the pleasure of welcoming collaborators from the Research Center of Thoracic Medicine of the Taipei Medical University (TMU) for a seminar on air pollution and pulmonary disease, organized by Prof Kin Fai Ho of our School of Public Health and Primary Care at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


In fact, Prof Ho has a long-term collaboration with Prof Hsiao-Chi Chuang of TMU, having together received more than five research grants and published over a dozen papers since 2013. In its third year, the recent seminar counts among one of the regular mutual visits between our two institutions and aims to explore further collaboration in different research areas, with a main focus on air pollution and health, as well as thoracic medicine and respiratory medicine. During the event, Prof Ho was presented with a visiting professorship from TMU, which consolidates their partnership even further.
During the panel discussion at the end of the seminar, some common areas of interest have been identified, which may benefit from cross-departmental collaboration, resource sharing and technique exchange. We are certainly greatly encouraged by the positive feedback and look forward to more development coming up.