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We were most delighted to welcome another medical student from Korea University, as Dabin Lee recently did an elective attachment in our Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.




Having met our students during their exchange at KU last year and heard of the close partnership between our two institutions, Dabin decided to apply for his elective with us. The decision was also based on the fact that teaching at CUHK is done entirely in English, which assured him of no communication barrier. During his stay, he enjoyed the flexible schedule that allowed him to choose the operations and classes that interest him, and he was pleased to be able to attend sessions together with local students. In his free time, he explored Hong Kong through outings with newly met friends and fellow overseas exchange students.




“Everyone here is very thoughtful and I particularly enjoyed the hands-on opportunities in the operating theater, getting to participate in scrubs instead of being a passive observer. I would love to come back for a fellowship in head and neck surgery in the future.”
This summer, our Faculty is offering a Certificate in Professional Medical Communication for undergraduates to master English communication in the medical context. We invite students from our partner universities to join this highly beneficial programme to expand their network and improve their skills. For more information: