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Two medical students from Griffith University, Edwin Wong and Lisa Shi, recently did their elective attachment with us at CUHK. Both students spent 7 weeks at our teaching hospital, the Prince of Wales Hospital, and were placed in our Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology and Department of Imaging and Interventional Radiology respectively.
Having been treated by one of our doctors as a kid, Edwin was interested to join his team and experience first-hand the practice of O&T with its paediatrics team. During the attachment, he got the chance to be in the operating theater as well as participate in clinical consultations. He finds patient consultation to be particularly different from his experience at home, mostly due to the big amount of cases and the scarcity of time.

“I was well briefed from day one and it is a very supportive environment where everyone welcome questions and encourage me to see more. Dr Bobby Ng of the department treated me when I was 9 and, in part, inspired me to take up medicine.”



On the other hand, Lisa faced a world of discoveries in her first encounter with a place that combines “Asian mentality with Western medicine”. Since radiology is not part of her curriculum, she was happy to get exposure to the CT, MRI and ultrasound rotations of the department, following a flexible schedule that allows her to participate in what interests her. On weekends, she went on to discover the city through hikes and food hunting.
“I was eager to gain experience overseas and Hong Kong is relatively close to home. The application process at CUHK was easy and quick and the staff has been helpful throughout. It is a shame Australian students can only come at a time when local students are going through their exams though, as I would have also liked to see how the regular teaching goes on here.”