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Karolinska Institutet Student Participates In SURP

Karolinska Institutet Student Participates In SURP

Undergraduate student Erik Hong of Karolinska Institutet joined this year’s Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP). Under the supervision of Prof Wai Sang Poon from our Department of Surgery, Erik is taking part in a study on acquired drug resistance in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), an aggressive cancer that begins within the brain. 

“I had no lab experience before joining SURP and am now getting hands on practice in the lab as well as going into the operating theatre for on-the-spot explanations from Prof Poon. This attachment feels more like an internship and it has certainly exceeded my expectations.”

SURP is an eight-week attachment programme that aims at providing international undergraduate students the opportunity to develop research skills and knowledge while working alongside experts in the field. Students get to enjoy cultural tours to explore the city, attend research talks to expand their horizons, and wrap up their attachment with a poster sharing session.