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We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Prof Shaohua Xie of Karolinska Institutet during his visit at The Chinese University of Hong Kong to present a seminar on “Social Group Disparities in Esophageal Cancer”. A graduate from our School of Public Health and Primary Care, Prof Xie has stayed closely connected with his alma mater, through both his research and academic activities.


Together with our Prof Shelly Tse, one of his previous PhD supervisors, he most recently co-authored a paper on “Digitalis use and lung cancer risk by histological type in men”, published in the International Journal of Cancer. The lead author of that same study, based on the Swedish healthcare registers, was in fact one of our exchange students he mentored in 2016. Furthermore, both professors are currently working on a cohort study in China, with another joint-publication expected to be published soon. With a shared interest in epidemiological studies on the role of sex hormones in a few cancers, they are planning for further collaborative research and exploring possibilities in carrying out register-based research in Hong Kong and Sweden.
We are greatly encouraged by the close partnership between our two institutions and look forward to sharing more updates in the near future.
Latest co-authored article: