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Following last year’s success, we were pleased to welcome students Vera Heijnert and Loubelle Butalid from Maastricht University this year, as they came to work on vaccine research studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Under the supervision of Prof Tony Nelson of our Department of Paediatrics and the guidance of Alice Abou-Nader, his PhD candidate, the master’s students carried out quantitative and qualitative studies on HPV vaccines and influenza vaccination respectively. Dr Inge van der Putten of Maastricht University, who was with us as visiting scholar last year, also co-supervised the projects remotely.


“We really appreciate this overseas opportunity and we have learnt new skills and discovered more about ourselves. Everyone is so welcoming here and the mentorship was very beneficial to our learning.”


We believe in adopting a global approach in our health education and research and consider such exchanges to be mutually beneficial. We certainly look forward to further strengthening the partnership between our two institutions in the future.
The Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has won regional and international recognition for its prominent research work, ability to turn scientific advances into innovative clinical practices and important role in improving public health.