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Prognostic Biomarker for Early Stage Gastric Cancer

In this “Forkhead box F2 suppresses gastric cancer through a novel FOXF2-IRF2BPL-β-catenin signaling axis” study, a series of in vitro and in vivo functional experiments revealed that the forkhead box F2 protein gene possesses a tumor-suppressive function in gastric carcinogenesis. Therefore, its methylation status may serve as a prognostic biomarker for early stage gastric cancer patients, providing better risk assessment to guide personalized chemotherapy (Cancer Res. 2018 Jan 26. pii: canres.2403.2017. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-17-2403. [Epub ahead of print]).
Anyone interested in future collaboration in this field of research is welcome to contact our key investigator Prof Jun Yu, Director of the Research Laboratory of our Institute of Digestive Disease. Prof Yu is an expert in the study of molecular pathogenesis and biomarkers of gastrointestinal cancers and has published over 270 peer-reviewed papers in major journals.
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