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Press Releases

Press Releases

Clarification from CU Medicine

It has come to our attention recently that various medical equipment and health food products, mainly being marketed in Taiwan, have been falsely claiming and advertising to be developed based on latest scientific breakthroughs by professors from the Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CU Medicine”). Such advertisements quote and make direct references to substantial information of our professors and their research teams, such as photos and research articles, without our prior knowledge and approval.

CU Medicine solemnly declares that the products in question have no connection whatsoever with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Faculty, its professors and research teams.  CU Medicine’s staff will not promote or endorse any medical and health-related products, services and treatment in the public domain.  We deeply regret the spreading of such misleading and false information presented by the advertisement and hereby expressly reserve the right to pursue the matter further.

Taking this opportunity, we urge the public to seek proper medical consultation if they have any health concerns and to follow doctors’ instructions on appropriate treatment.  For safety reasons, patients should not purchase and take medications without doctors’ prescriptions and instructions.

Below are some of the false information and messages we have come to notice that are being circulated online (in Chinese only) and it is possible that there may be other misleading and false advertisements of similar nature. By this clarification we wish to remind the public to beware of such misleading and false advertisements as described above.


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