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The best possible minimally invasive approach in treating bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is the 11th most common cancer worldwide. After the removal of bladder by robotic-assisted radical cystectomy (RARC), patients need to reconstruct a “new bladder”. In the past, extracorporeal urinary diversion (ECUD) was adopted. Recently, an intracorporeal urinary diversion (ICUD) approach has been introduced. This study compared the perioperative outcomes of ECUD versus ICUD in patients with localised bladder cancer. The result showed that ICUD reduced the volume of blood loss and the length of hospital stay by 22% and 12% respectively over ECUD. RARC plus ICUD could potentially be the best possible minimally invasive approach in treating muscle-invasive bladder cancer.  (Ann Surg Oncol. 2021 Dec;28(13):9209-9215.)


Anyone interested in future collaboration in this field of research is welcome to contact our key investigator Dr Jeremy TEOH from the Department of Surgery, CUHK. Dr Teoh’s research focuses on urological cancer, endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery.